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Bookmark Contest

Calling all artists! To celebrate Library Lovers’ Month, February 2013 LHS Library is having a bookmark design contest. Fill in the bookmark space below with an original design and turn it in to the library’s by Feb 22. Winners will be announced Feb 28. All entries will be displayed in the library during March and the winning bookmark will be printed and distributed at the library.

Contest Rules:
*Subject: Must be LIBRARY related—you are not limited to LHS library—ANY library
*Each entry must be the original work of one person.
Artwork must be original – no computer images; no characters from books, TV, movies, comics.
*Designs may be either horizontal or vertical. Use the bookmark space provided on the entry form and turn in the whole form intact.
*Only one entry per student and staff.
*MUST be School Appropriate.
*Any 2D art medium may be used (crayon, markers, colored pencil, etc.) Please no computer generated images or 3D materials (glitter, glued items, etc.)*Electronic entries must be submitted as flattened TIFF, JPEG, BMP or EPS image filesand may be no less than 300 dpi at full size (8x3 inches or 2400x900 pixels).
*Words and numbers may be included in the design, however please do not put your name anywhere on the bookmark.*Do not use copyrighted characters, art, logos, etc.
*The contest runs from Feb 1-22 and is open to all LHS students and staff. Return your entry to the library’s circulation desk.
*A winner will be selected by the library staff and the LHS YAB members in two age groups: Students and Staff.
*Winners will be announced on Feb 28.*The winning bookmarks will be printed and distributed at the library starting in March and the winners will receive a certificate. The prize will that your bookmark will be printed and available for everyone .
* Finished bookmark size is 3 x 8 inches. A template is provided below for one entry.
* Entries will be judged for originality, neatness, spelling and printability. Please make sureyou have not traced or included copyrighted images such as book, TV or movie characters.

* The LHS library reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to designs for printing.*Deadline is February 22, 2013.
Incomplete entry forms will not be considered
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Address: City:

All entries become the property of the LHS Library and may be reproduced for public distribution, displayed in the library, and posted to the library’s website.
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SOURCES: Delta Township District Library ● 5130 Davenport Drive, Lansing, MI 48917 ● 517‐321‐4014 ● www.dtdl.orghttp://www.mylakelibrary.org/bookmark_design_contest/default.aspx


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